Watch Series: CSI-Vegas ep 2.


Hello, my loves. 

This one is a little late, but with life being the hell that it is, it's about time I got the chance to sit down and write.

While it's only the second episode of the series, as the season develops, we can see if the writers are doing the original series and justice and based on this episode, they aren't.

The episode begins with witnessing the murder of a man and woman, who we later learn are doctors who were supposed to be getting married on the day of their murder. While it started off with a bit of twist here and another twist, there was less focus on the actual case and the evidence and more of an emphasis on the characters and their relationships with each other and the involvement of the original cast with Hodges case.

While I understand trying to develop the characters and letting the audience gain some sort of interest in them and I may seem rude for saying this, I wasn't interested in the new characters. I find them quite boring.

Here's to hoping this shit picks up.