About Me

I've always loved writing and had aspired to one day write a book. 

I did not have a lot of friends growing up. I just had my cousins, but even then I retreated into a corner with a book at the first possible chance.

Over the years, I've changed, it's only normal that I should, but the one constant trait is my love for reading and writing, whether it was a random thought on a napkin or my emotions in a book, writing has been a way for me to express myself. 

So why did I start this blog? It was 2012, I was in college and the YouTube craze of being able to become rich off of videos was on a lot of peoples minds. I was taking a course where we were talking about forms of social media and blogging was one of those topics. I figured, why not? I'm always giving my companions Makeup and Fashion advice. They were asking for book recommendations, so why not? 

My blog is a reflection of me; of my weird interests, the old movies I love to watch when I'm sad to the bold makeup looks I wear to slay. 

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