Emily in Paris- Season 2


image via Ready Steady Cut

T'was December 22, 
and Netflix released,
Season 2 of Emily of Paris,
"oh fuck" I shrieked.
Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had an amazing and safe time during the holidays and I wish you all the very best for this year.

When the first season of this show came out, it left the audience's head spinning and for good reason; it was fucking horrible.

The show portrayed the French as obnoxious pricks that should be grateful for their American Saviour; the bratty, "I'm always right" Emily.

With this new season, we've picked up where season 1 left off and Emily has to deal with the repercussions of her sexual adventures with Gabriel and is abandoned by Mathew at the train station when he's discovered what happened.

She feels horribly guilty about what she's done to Camille, thankfully, but just moves on with her life and even goes on with her St. Tropez trip with Camille and Mindy. Eventually, Camille finds out about what happened between her former friend and ex-boyfriend because of a frying pan Emily had with Gabriel's initials... which I mean, is the weirdest thing ever. 

Ever thought that maybe he let her borrow it??? 

If you recall, in the first season Emily was attending a French class and she is so fucking thick that she failed the class and had to retake it.

She gets paired with Petra, a Ukrainian woman who happens to be in Emily's class and while working on an out-of-class assignment, Petra decided that she could just steal a bunch of these designer items, the entire scene was probably the most cringest thing I had seen until another episode, which we will get to later.

While the stereotypes and the sex constantly being thrown in your face were turned down a bit, that doesn't mean that dear Emily is without a love interest, enter Alfie, a British Banker who was in Paris for work and also attended Emily's French class. There was also a horrible no-nip sex scene filled with the walk of shame awkwardness.

Much like a Bollywood movie of yester-year, the love triangle plot for season 1 was rinsed and repeated. 

As some might remember, Emily is supposed to be in Paris for a year and then run back to Chicago where she will become an executive at her marketing firm.

Due to the lack of Savoir's interest in a blatantly clear copy of the Pelaton that was looking to marketing, Emily's boss, Madeline, comes to Paris to "restructure" the French office, even though she didn't come to Paris before because she found out she was pregnant.

As much as I love Kate Walsh, I've never hated a character more. She emulates the annoying character that Emily has, just slightly more annoying because she speaks French like I do.

During the course of these episodes, it is very clear that Emily's attitude and her approach to work have been moulded by Madeline. 

When the French firm walks out after Madeline tried to fire Sylvie, Madeline told Emily that it's perfect, because they can get young, fresh people to work there and they can be moulded into what they want and told Emily that she would have to essentially be her bitch until she hires other people.

This is probably the only time during the course of this show so far that I've felt bad for Emily in a way until she gets a text from Sylvie who is opening a new marketing firm and wanted her to join.

Emily then goes to Gabriel to tell him what is going on and finds out that he and Camille (who have gotten back together) have moved in together.

The show ends with Emily on the phone with Sylvie, and we are left wondering if she is staying in Paris or if she is staying with Madeline. 

Truth is, as horrible as this show is, it's addicting to watch because it's so bad.

There hasn't been any news on a season 3, but let's hope we hear something soon!