Emily in Paris

Hello, my loves! 

I hope everyone has been doing well. 

Earlier this week, Emily in Paris was released on Netflix here in Canada and I watched the entire season in a day... I know it's one of the more admirable skills that I'm proud to list on my eHarmony profile. 

So here's the deal... I oddly enjoyed the show, but I had some issues with it as well. 

In case you've been living under a rock, Emily in Paris about an (I'd say)about mid-'20s girl from Chicago who works for a marketing firm, has a cute boyfriend whose obsessed with the Cubs and whose manager was supposed to go to Paris as the American representative to a recently acquired Marketing firm and instead got pregnant. Congratulations. 

While watching the show, I was talking to my friend who is originally from Paris and she and I had a fucking field day and a lot of the things she had a problem with seemed to be the consensus online. 

The first thing she pointed out that I saw A LOT of Parisians has pointed out online: The apartment that Emily lives in is NOT a Chambre de Bonne. Yes, they were right that these were the names given to former maid apartments that have been converted to living spaces, but my friend's exact words were "That's a fucking apartment, and a damn nice one." (I seriously love her)

She told me that a Chambre de Bonne, was tiny as hell and compared it to a Goshiwon (for my Kdrama fans). 

Secondly, you don't just show up to work whenever you want to... you have to be on time and one of the things she also pointed out was that while your hours may be quite long, but you get a lot more time off.

She also said it's a huge faux pas to just walk into an establishment and not say "Bonjour" is downright rude and I have to agree with her. Maybe this is an everywhere except America thing, but whenever with go into somewhere and we interact with an employee we say hello. However, having lived in New York for a few years, I've never said hello when interacting with an employee because they look at you weird. She also mentioned that it was one of the hardest habits for her to break once she moved to New York.

Something that really got under our skin was when Emily referred to Paris as confusing because it was laid out in circles. Paris was settled well before Columbus invaded America, put some fucking respect on that. 

Okay, so I got that out of my system. 

All in all, I did enjoy the show. I was kinda ready to pack my bags and move there but it'll be a vacation spot soon. 🤞

Have you watched it? Let me know in the comments what you think! 


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  3. All things aside I did loved her outfits though.


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