October 2020


Happy October everyone! 

I am so excited that this month is finally here. Halloween happens to be my favourite time of the year so when October 1st rolls around, I literally turn into that gif of the guy in a pumpkin dancing. 

It also marks the point in time where the weather here in Ontario gets colder, so fall closet is now open and I am ready to strut my stuff! (or as Tboy likes to call it, another day in my life because he hates that I wear a lot of black.)

I hope that wherever you are, you are healthy and safe. At the beginning of the year when COVID started, we tried to be optimistic and thought that this would be over soon. Forward to today and the cases in Ontario have begun to increase again. 

I know that over the summer, everyone had a lot of things planned but let's just take this moment to be thankful for being here.

I know that I had taken a break from posting about what I've been watching and reading, as I got really busy with work, but I can't let that be an excuse anymore. 

So grab a blanket, get on your fuzzy socks and put on a pot of tea and enjoy this amazing weather with me.