Colourpop Review!

Hello, my loves! I hope everyone is doing well 😊

I'm so happy that it's October! Only a few more months until we can put 2020 behind us and hope that everything gets better in 2021.

A few weeks ago I came across an ad on Instagram for Colourpop for their new Mulan collection. S naturally... I bought some things.

I've never owned anything from Colourpop before this, but have only heard great things about their product. Since I've heard about the collab they had with Safiya Nygaard, I've wanted to get the lipsticks she had with them, but unfortunately, they are not around at the moment. 

I purchased a few items that are honestly to die for!

From left to right: Strong Chi, Prince Naveen, Snow White, Wonderboy, Tea Thyme, Matchmaker & and eyebrow duo brush.

*SIDE NOTE* I had taken the picture and edited it before opening the products. I was sent the wrong item by Colourpop. I had ordered the Strong Chi liquid lipstick but was sent the Phoenix lipgloss. 

The Blush

This blush is the cutest. Now if you follow me on Instagram you might notice a trend with my makeup that I tend to do neutral cheeks because I'm sure a fan of the bold lip so this color is RIGHT in my alley. I wore this blush the other day for Tboy's birthday and it was perfect!

These lipsticks are adorable! They go on smoothly and don't transfer easily (with the exception of the red lipstick of course) 

A big thank you to my mom for being my swatch arm LOL and pardon my feet and funky socks.

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  1. I love Colourpop! Good review!

  2. I have always seen the Ads for Color Pop! Those lipsticks look BOMB

  3. I loooove Colourpop Cosmetics! I have so much of their stuff but haven’t checked out this collection. It looks beautiful! My best friend informed me she was able to pick up the Hocus Pocus collection for my Christmas gift. I can’t wait!

  4. Really nice and helpful review, great job!

  5. Great and helpful review, thanks for sharing!! :D

  6. I have never heard of colourpop! Apparently I live in a cave. lol I'll have to check them out.

  7. Oh these all look good! I've never tried colour pop before but that blush looks like a bit of me :)


  8. ColourPop is absolutely a steal to be honest, I wish they were available at cheaper prices in Canada, though I prefer Morphe when compared to ColourPop for both price and quality

  9. Great post! The packaging on the products are amazing!


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