Korean Comfort Food

Everyone has there own definition of what comfort food is. Some like pasta, some prefer pizza, some like greasy foods. 

My go-to: Korean food, or fried foods in general (More like food in general). I recently found a new Korean restaurant in my area that I cannot get enough of. 

Let me introduce you to Insadong, which is one of the few Korean restaurants that I have purchased from that was authentic. Bulgogi is a stir-fried skirt steak dish served with rice. When I first purchased this, I was surprised by how moist the meat still was. The vegetables that are served are still crunchy and were packed with so much flavour. It's served with three traditional side dishes, pictured we have Kimchi, Cucumber Kimchi and Bean Sprouts.   

Also picked up some dumplings, which have been stuffed with pork and beef. It was my first time having Korean dumplings and I can safely say that I am in love with them. The shell is very crunchy and the centre was packed and very juicy. 

I honestly cannot wait to head over there again!