I'll stick to the originals

A few days ago while I was reorganizing my closet, I lay upon a pile of clothes on my bed looking like Snoopy on top the dog house, I was browsing through Uber eats to find something to eat.

After analyzing my craving I decided that poutine was the route to go and ordered from Smoke's Poutinerie.

I thought I would be a little adventurous and try some butter chicken poutine, which I've had in the past (not from this chain). This was hands down the worst poutine I have ever eaten. I understand that ordering something via Uber eats you can expect that your food will not be at the level it would be when you eat in the restaurant, but I am quite certain that even with me having it delivered, it would have been the same in the store.

For those who have never had butter chicken before while it traditionally can be quite mild, it is still very rich in flavour. This is nothing like that. It was small, thinly cut chunks of unseasoned chicken, a sour sauce which based on the consistency seemed like it was just poured out of a can, grainy fries, and I had paid for extra cheese which I never got. 

I took a leap of faith and purchased something different. Should I ever decide to go here again, I'll be sure to stick to the original... or opt for McDonald's poutine.