When sick, get some Shrimp Ramen.

Just in case you haven't heard the news: Edo Japan has opened a new location in Heartland Town Centre. 

Great, so now that you know... Let's talk about food. 

It was my first time having anything from Edo Japan and I liked it! The food was fresh and made to order, the service was quick and they were very friendly. 

I wasn't feeling very well when we went so I didn't want anything too heavy and let me say... Don't let that bowl fool you! 

It was PACKED with noodles and veggies. The broth was very light which surprised me. My experience with ramen thus far has been broth that on its own is packed with flavour so it was quite nice to have something this mild while I was sick, and given how hot the broth was, I was surprised that the shrimp didn't become very rubbery.

Because they had it, I had to eat it... I couldn't contain myself... I had sushi. Which, let's admit it, sushi is freaking amazing. 

Note to self: Trying to use the choo-choo train feeding technique that you use on babies, might not work on your boyfriend.