My Molded Toast

Uber Eats: Eggsmart

I like many, have those mornings where I am in such a rush that I end up leaving the house without eating breakfast. So I've occasionally turned to uber eats to get something delivered to my office. 

I have hands down never received anything good from Eggsmart. Let me repeat that once more. 

I have NEVER received anything from here that was damn worth it. 

 On one of these two purchases, I paid extra for more fruit. In a separate container, I received two orange slices. As you can see the container above contains my grease-filled order of eggs, bacon, sausage and rye toast. Located directly under the paper lining is my fruits which are layered with grease because they laid the food right above it. Now what you don't see in this picture beside my lack of fruits is the mold located on my toast. 

I was absolutely disgusted when I turned over m toast to the buttered side to put my egg on it to find mold. 

A few weeks after I thought maybe it was a one-off, I thought I'd give them another chance. I ordered from them again through uber eats and lord help me... the ridiculous about of grease and missing items has officially turned me off of this place. I would try it in the restaurant, but I highly doubt it.