Let me get a smear of cream cheese.

Plain bagel toasted with plain cream cheese, cucumbers and jalapenos 

Now as we all know, Stephanie likes carbs, carbs like Stephanie's Mid-section. 

Mini History lesson: Bagels were first mentioned in written records in 1610. While no one knows the exact history of how they originated, they were created in within the Jewish communities found in Poland. 

If you follow my Foodstagram account, which if you aren't its @foodieak... you're welcome, you'll notice that I have a goto bagel place: What a Great Bagel is small bagel shop located in Mississauga which I pass on my way to work. Over the past 3 years, it has turned into my weekly breakfast spot.

This place serves not only freshly baked bagels but muffins, coffee, danishes and a ton of delicious polish snacks.