Excuses Excuses Excuses

Brooklyn Pepperoni with Spinach

As some know, we here in Ontario have had one hell of a few weeks when it came up to this winter weather. Road conditions have been bad, tons of slush and accidents happening, oh how horrible. 

That was this Domino's locations excuse. 

Before I continue with our main feature, let me explain the ongoing issue I have with Dominos. I enjoy their pizzas, while I'm not a big fan of thick crust pizza as I've said before, their crust is very soft and I love the cheese they use. 

Great, so we've got that out of the way. What's wrong with Domino's: more then you could think. 

I've had the wrong orders delivered, items delivered cold, drivers have argued with me for a larger tip, or in some cases, items not delivered at all. 

A few days ago, I ordered my pizza with a colleague of mine to be delivered to our office for 12:45PM because we have our lunch period at 1:00PM. Now you may ask, why do you order it for 15 minutes before your lunchtime? Because if I ask for it to be delivered at 1:00PM, it will not arrive until 1:30PM and I have a 45 minute period of time to eat my food. 

It is February 6th, the day before we had a horrible snow storm. They have been very effective in getting everything cleared. They truly did a great job at it. I had ordered the pizza for my usual time, and for those who have ordered on from Domino's before, you know that you could track your order with that really cute tracker on their site (I always choose Pete). At 1:00 PM I didn't get my pizza, I had tracked the pizza to see what time they left (which was 12:41PM), I then refreshed the page to see that it has been delivered, which it was not. I called and they informed me that the driver had gotten stuck in the snow and they are waiting for someone to come and tow him out. The manager for this specific location also stated that they had sent another driver to go and get the pizzas from my original driver and will be delivered to me shortly. This dear reader was a complete lie. Like I said to you, the city did a wonderful job cleaning up and I pass this specific dominos location daily on my way to work, and the road that morning was CLEAN also, my pizza did not arrive. 

I then called again and spoke to the manager and told him that it's not 40 minutes since my pizza was supposed to arrive and I have not received it yet. My co-worker who has ordered with me was so upset, she told them that we will not be paying for the pizza should it arrive. It eventually did... at 2:45PM and it was cold as hell. 

Dear Domino's, the pizza arrived late. It arrived cold. The man who delivered it was rude and threw it on to our receptionist desk and walked out. I may not have had to pay for this, but the attitude and service I witnessed has left an extremely sour taste in my mouth. I highly doubt I would use your services again.