Oh I've got this Pizza Box where my heart used to be

Pizza oh pizza, where for art thou pizza? 

Seriously... where are you? 

I love pizza, it's carbs and cheese, which happens to be the two things I love more than anything🙌. 

Growing up in New York, I grew accustomed to these huge, thin slices of cheesy goodness and like most New Yorkers, this is how pizza should be. Then I moved to Toronto and here I am welcomed with a thick crust and people who for odd and unknown reason call a "slice" of pizza, pizza and a "pie" (which is a whole pizza as pictured above)... PIZZA... and it to this day makes no sense to me, but that argument will take place some other day. 

I've discovered a love for topping. Above I did a slight variation of the Greek pizza which is regularly served as Pizza Pizza by removing the olives and adding provolone.

Tell me what some of your favourite toppings are!