Please pass the salt.

Katsu Chicken Salad & Steak Frites

A few months ago I had gone to Joey's for the first time with my best friend. While I found their service lacking at times, I found some things quite nice! To start Joey's has a great service where you can actually check in online, which again would be a great service... if they actually stuck to it. We entered out information online and they would send us a text about 15 minutes before our table would be ready. So we made our way there and we ended up waiting for almost 20 minutes to get our table. 

I don't quite get the hype. The food at that time just seemed very basic and overpriced. As an appetizer, we ordered our favourite: Calamari. 

There is not a person in the world who could deny the phrase 'we eat with our eyes first'.

I was very disappointed with the presentation. It was just very messy but at the same time, I found it quite plain.  

For my main, I ordered the Steak Frites, and let's just take a quick look at the description for it on the menu:

What I received was an under seasoned steak which was also not warm enough as the butter was not melting, over salted fries, bland butter, and arugula that was just plainly tossed in a bit of vinaigrette. 

This was probably the most disappointing because as I said, everyone seemed to talk about Joey's as if it was amazing, but I was not feeling it. I will say that the second time I went, which I will write a post about at another time, the food was much better whilst the service was the same. 

Things to keep in mind: if you are in a rush to do something after you eat, then I suggest that you avoid the Sherway Location as you will never be able to make it to what you need to do on time.