Food Review: Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus  is home to some ultimate ice cream. I had the chance to visit in the summer and let me say what a treat for the eyes. Can I just say, nothing is better then randomly meeting up with your best friend and talking over something like this! 

The two ice cream's pictured is Rocky Road Rage (Left) and Krusty the Cone (Right). 

I never expected the ice cream to come out like this, and I was awed by it. The ice cream was amazing! My only thing was that the marshmallows that they stuck to it got quite hard, but let me say: FLAVOR FLAVOR FLAVOR! Call the police, there was an illegal party up in my mouth. laughs for like 10 minutes straight. I unfortunately didn't have the chance to go back since, but I have looked at their menu online and nothing has changed since I've been there. Hopefully this summer Manish and I can go to try it together.