Food Review: 3 Brewers

The 3 Brewers is an amazing restaurant that pairs a great pint of beer with great food. 

I have a confession: I love beer but, I don't know a lot about it. What I adore about this place is that they've taken a wine approach to the beers and if you look at their menu, they show beside everything what beer pairs well with what your eating... How cool is that! 

This happened to be another best friend adventure; and that's always a perfect night in my book! We started off with, get this, BEER SANGRIA! *mind blown* and surprisingly... it was quite good! It had that nice bubbly taste from the beer and sweetened with seasonal fruits. 

We had a sampler platter, which unfortunately, is no longer on the menu, but they are options on the menu. It has beer battered onion rings, deep fried pickles, south west potatoes and lemon pepper riblets which were AMAZING! 

We also had an artisan flatbread with short rib, blue brie, spinach and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. This is still an option on the menu, and as great as it looks, I was a bit disappointed. We found it had so many topping that it was weighting it down and lot, and it also didn't help that the base was a bit soggy. 

As disappointing as it was, it won't stop me from going back!