Bridgerton: An Offer from a Gentleman

The image was taken by SSG.

Here is the reason I purchased all of the Bridgerton books. After watching the second season and with burning loins, I needed to know what happens next, so I bought the entire series.

I will admit that not having a visual component to compare the remaining books did help my imagination visualize the events; however, there are still some opinions I still hold to. The book did start off relatively slow, and the events of how Benedict and Sophie met are a blatant copy and past Cinderella plot.

Sophie Beckett is the illegitimate daughter of an earl who recently got married to a widow with two daughters. While the Earl may not be the warmest father, he did his best to ensure that Sophie was taken care of until he died, and Sophie was left under her stepmother's care. 

Because of a clause the Earl added to his will, The Countess is forced to keep Sophie until a certain age to get more money, but she didn't treat her as a daughter; she made her a servant. With the housekeeper's help, Sophie gets dressed in some old clothes and heads off to the Bridgerton masked ball, where she sweeps Benedict off his feet... Metaphorically. 

I rolled my eyes so much while reading this first portion of the book that my eyes became dry. 
I will admit the sexual tension throughout this book has been amazing and really flamed my loins, and I should really stop referring to it that was because it sounds like I have a UTI... I don't. Trust me.

As with the previous books, the non-sexual interactions are bland and quite cringy at times.
Still, 4 out of 5 beers will do because if there's anything we have all learned so far, it's that Stephanie is here for the Sex.