Bridgerton: The Viscount who Loved me


The image was taken by SSG.

Hello, my loves!

I hope you have all been well. 

I just have to thank everyone for the fantastic feedback and emails about our last post on the Duke & I

I was counting down the days until the second season was released on Netflix, and this season was EVERYTHING.

Here's the thing, as a West Indian Girl of Indian descent, it was amazing to see things that I was taught and wedding practises on tv in something other than a Bollywood movie or an Indian drama series. 

After reading the book, it blew my mind to see and learn online how well the screenwriters blended South Asian culture, from Edwina calling Kate "Akka," the music, and the fabric used to create their clothes. *chef's kiss*

Like the previous book, the storyline also had its share of lows that were only saved by the sexual tension at points that made your heart race. 

I'm sure others have read the book and would agree that the shows have been better than the books. 

As someone with a slight disdain for romance, which is hilarious coming from someone who engaged, I can understand where the book would seem romantic, but it's not really my thing. 

After reading this book, I still believe that the show was better than the books, but again I'll give it 4/5 beers because, well... sexual tension sells.