Quaran-Watch: Year One

Year One (film) - Wikipedia

Take a seat, close your eyes, and think back to 2009.

The early 2000s was the era of Parody films and other movies, like Year One that was overflowing with bad humor. Which in all honesty, is probably why my humor is as bad as it is 😂.

Year One is a comedic twist on the origin story from the Bible. Zed and Oh are neanderthals and live in a forest with their tribe. Zed breaks their tribes' rule by eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and as a result, he is shunned with his friend Oh following him.

Once they crossed a mountain path, they come across Cain and Abel. Upon witnessing Cain's murder, they are dragged along by Abel as he pretends that he knows nothing of his brother's whereabouts. 

They sail the waters to save their fellow villagers that have been captured, walked across a desert, almost got circumcised, and join the royal guard.

This movie was hilarious and I highly recommend that you watch it!