Dipped in Peppercorn

Steak... yummy, perfectly cooked, melt in your mouth steak. How about pairing that with a peppercorn brandy sauce? 

Did you hear that? That's your tummy grumbling. 

In the past I've talking about one of my quick picks for dates or going out with friends being Moxies and it really is a great place to go to. 

I've always loved their patio and the restaurants too! A few years ago they renovated and it's changed quite a bit. Over the past few years my friends and I have migrated to the patio like birds to migration but this summer has been just horribly hot. I'll take the AC over the patio Thank you sir! 

Now, to the star of this show: The Peppercorn New York. 

This Steak is so good that I can't stop eating it! The Peppercorn Brandy Sauce is so addicting, I always ask for extra on the side and I'm dunking until every last drop has been used up. I'll even drizzle it into my baked potato, not that it needs it! That potato is to die for. Super smooth, perfectly seasoned and the because they torch the top, perfectly crispy! 

If you've never been to Moxie's before and you're a fan of steak, I highly suggest this one!