You never know what you're going to get from a Mom & Pop shop. In my experience, it's always been a hit or miss... well more of a miss. A few month's ago I started working for a new company and that's when I found this little shop.

C & Dubbs  is a little restaurant located just off of Dixie & Dundas. I will admit, when I never noticed this place for months until one of the girls told me about it. From the outside it didn't quite stand out, it doesn't stand out much from the inside either, while most of the items on their menu are fairly decent, they are most known for their hamburgers! 

But given that I wasn't that hungry when I went for lunch the other day, I got chicken tenders with poutine... Basic. 

There isn't anything special about their chicken tenders... to be honest, it's a hit or miss. It's either perfectly golden brown and juicy on the inside, or just dry. Their poutine it fairly decent, HOWEVER, do be warned... don't add salt to your fries until you taste it with the gravy and their gravy can sometimes be salty.