Benvenuti estate

It's summer here in Toronto, which means we are going out, getting horrible tans, turning on the AC and complaining about how hot it is... 

Aren't we a wonderful bunch? Here's an idea, how about complaining about the weather over fresh made Mozza and Sangria with your Crew? I did. 

The crew and I hit up Scaddabush for a little bit of Italian food and a pitcher of Sangria. For those of us here in Mississauga, Scaddabush replaced another great Italian place, Alice Fazooli's (still get sad about that steak) 

I like Scaddabush; it's cute decorations, beautiful plates, a great menu and the best thing of all.. IN HOUSE MOZZARELLA. *mind explodes*

Scaddabush makes their mozzarella in house and is served every day after 5PM. Sitting there you can see why they're so popular, people are coming for the cheese! This is a place I don't plan on taking off my list of get together places.