Food Review: Canada's Wonderland Chicken Tenders and Fries

What would summer have been if Manish and I didn't go to Wonderland! It's once of those places that are filled with amazing memories, and going together only made it better! 

Growing up in a West Indian family, you don't go to places like this and buy food, oh the shame. Why? Cause why do that when you can eat a sandwich that your mother made! Don't get me wrong, I love eating whatever my mom cooks, but sometimes you need that park food in your system to make you feel sick when your on Behemoth getting blistered by the wind. 

But let's be honest, would you really expect the best from amusement park food? No... but unfortunately I did, and boy... what a disappointment. The chicken was beautifully breaded, but horribly dry. The fries were very soggy and was layered in so much salt I thought my blood pressure shot up after eating some. 

I think I'll try something next time we go or I'll just stick to mom's sandwiches.