Food Review: La Carnita's In Cod we Trust & Tortilla Chips

La Carnita is what my cousin likes to call, the place where hipsters congregate. I will admit, when I walked into their College Street location in Downtown Toronto, I said to myself 'whoa... hipster much?'. The dimly lit setting would have been much more romantic if Manish and I didn't have to be practically sitting next to other people. Literally no buffer space between the other people and us... I was literally all up in your business... 

I won't lie, I thought the cutest thing was the water jugs they gave you where you had to pop open the bottle by lifting the lever. SOOOOO CUTE! *Manish completely ignored me for about 15 minutes cause he was having too much fun playing with it* 

It was a great vibe, we started with their Tortilla chips that was seasoned with ancho chili powder. I found that they were not evenly seasoned, some had more seasoning on it then others. It was also quite salty. You had the option of choosing from four dips: Guacamole, Corn Salsa, Spicy Bean & Smoked Queso. We chose to go with the smoked Queso and Spicy Bean, and let me say... they were AMAZING! The spicy bean had a great heat to it, and I loved that the smoked queso had small chunks of cheese in between so you had a nice bite to it. 

We then moved on to the Tacos. I had In Cod We Trust and Manish had the Beef Cheek. We don't have a picture of it because Manish devoured it before I could even take a picture. Based on what he said as he chomped down on the taco was that it was amazing... I'll take his word for it. In Cod We Trust... I loved the name! It was too cute. The soft taco was thin, with a generous drizzle of Voltron Sauce that is a tamari based sauce that has a spicy, yet tangy paste to it. The drizzle of Lime Creme adds a wonderful fresh taste and that battered cod melts in your mouth and served with a lime wedge on the side. It was so good! It was in that first bite that I understood why people are flocking to their locations (They have four locations in the Downtown Toronto Area). I would suggest not to squeeze too much of the lime on it as it can be a but much if you do.