Food Review: Boston Pizza's Chicken Wings

Boston Pizza is one of those chain restaurants that I have visited countless times over the years, from birthday parties during high school to needing a good cheap meal while studying during college. 

I love their nachos (before they changed them), but nothing makes me more happy then fried chicken. I'm a fan of their all meat bites, but I will occasionally go for the wings with the bone in. The only thing I don't like about their All Meat Bites is that when you warm them up, even just a little bit, they can become a little dry. 

I'm not a fan of their plating, I find that it can be very plain, and a piece of lettuce doesn't really do much to brighten things up. Some of the things they've done that were great in the past has now gone downhill. Simple things they used to done such as putting dipping sauces in actual bowls and not plastic cups. It may seem to be a tiny thing, but it was stuff like that that really added something to the presentation because remember, we eat with our eyes first. 

Another thing is, the cooking isn't consistent across the board, which is understandable for a chain restaurant. You could go to one location and get a beautifully cooked Chicken Parmesan, but go to another location and get the same thing drenched in oil and so over cooked that dry isn't a work that could be used to describe it. 

I think chicken wings or wangs as I like to some times call them, are one of the few things you can't mess up... which is one of the reasons I love getting them when I go there.