The Fault in our Stars


Hello, my loves!

I hope you are have all been doing well.

Our book review today will be about the classic John Green book, The Fault in our Stars.

Before this book coming out, I didn't know that John Green was even an author! I had watched a few of his youtube videos when he had first started his channel. But I never really got into it. 

I remember stories of people getting cancer, but I never thought that kids got cancer until high school. Once I did, I heard stories of people my age and younger who are battling some form of cancer, and up until this book, I've never heard of a book whose characters suffered from this disease. 

Everyone focuses on the relationship between Hazel and Augustus, which I will get into later in this post, but what blew my mind is the cluster fuck of Cancers. 

I never knew about Thyroid Cancer, or getting cancer in your balls or poor Isaac, who was losing his eyesight.

Our book is about Hazel Grace, a sixteen-year-old girl diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer that has moved to her lungs. Like your humble writer, she enjoys binge-watching America's Next top model and hates socializing with people, and like many others before her, her life changed when she met someone. 

Hazel attends a support group for kids and teens suffering from cancer, and it is here that she meets Augustus Waters, or "Gus," as he is referred to by many in the book who suffer from Bone Cancer and had lost a leg.

Augustus and Hazel are the epitome of young love. When you think of young love, you think of the innocence and passion you discover being with this person. There's this overwhelming feeling of joy that one gets that makes you feel like you've been swept off your feet.

This young love set against the black cloud of cancer makes it such a heartwarming yet sad book. When I watched the movie, I cried so much.

It's something I highly recommend you read!