Quaran-Reads: Homo Deus

Hello, my loves!

I hope everyone has been doing well.

It's time to get started on the second book in the Sapiens series!

Homo Deus is as mentioned before, the second book in the Sapiens series. This book examines the possible future of humans, the premise of the hypothesis is that during the course of the 21st-century humans have made an attempt to gain happiness, immortality, and God-like powers and the author putting forth the idea that the ambitions of the past and present, it could be obtainable in the future.

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The book is broken down into the following parts;
  1. Exploring the relationship between humans and animals and examining the actions that have led to the domestication for the latter.
  2. That until 70,000 years ago, humans did not like the concept of countries, borders, religion and did not have a form of currency and unlike our animal counterparts, had this idea forced upon us due to a collective belief.
  3. Humans believe that our actions and thoughts could be rewarded.
  4. The author purposes the idea that religion does not focus on the concept of God but humankind and by doing so puts the desires and humankind as the top priority and thereby securing their position as the dominant form in the world.
  5. and finally that humans' dependence on technology hinders our ability to thrive and that in order for us to survive we have to be replaced with a new form of humanity that would be known as Homo-Deus or a form of Super-man.
While the thoughts in this book are a bit controversial, I truly enjoyed this as it makes you think about the future and where we will be.