Worst Movies Ever: 1930s

Hello, my loves!

I hope everyone has been well. As mentioned in the Worst Movie's ever post, I have begun watching the movies on this list and have decided to break them up into sections by the year of release and starting with the 1930s! 

Maniac! (1934)

The first on this list was Maniac. Released in 1934, the movie follows Don Maxwell, a traveling performer with a knack for impersonations, turned lad assistant for Dr. Meirschultz, a doctor who is obsessed with the idea of bringing people back to life. They break into a morgue, inject  Don kills the Doctor and begins to impersonate him, causing him to slowly go insane. 

He then attempts to treat a mental patient by giving him a freaking shot of adrenaline, causing the patient to freak out, kidnap a woman, and rapes her. I literally sat here saying "what the fuck is going on" the entire hour.

Reefer Madness (1936)

I am convinced that every perception an older person ever had about Weed came from this movie. This movie is the epitome of Propaganda films. It features an extremely over-exaggerated plot about a group of high school students who are pressured into the trying weed resulting in hit and run accidentmanslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, and even going insane. All I've got to say it, whatever they were smoking at the time... I'll try it LOL. 

The Terror of Tiny Town (1938)

This movie's call to fame is that to date, it remains the only motion picture in the "Musical Western" category featuring an all-dwarf cast. I'm not even going to waste my time explaining it... it's horrible. Don't watch it, please. 


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