Quaran-Reads: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Continuing on with our Harry Potter series-- The Order of the Phoenix. 

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Everyone's world has been turned upside down. Voldemort has returned and the wizard community is on edge. It's a blistering hot summer day and while having an argument with his cousin Dudley, when suddenly, everything changes. It becomes dark and ice cold. Harry pulls out his wand and tries to get Dudley to shut up and he won't listen, he keeps yelling, Harry's pleas for him to quite fall on deaf ears and then he goes quite. Harry knew the entire time what was going on the entire time and then he yells out--Expecto Patronum.

Letters come flying into Privet Drive and after much back and forth and with some intervention from Dumbledore, Harry has a hearing at the Ministry of Magic because he performed magic in the presence of a Muggle.

Who said that summer vacation was boring?

For those who have read the Goblet of Fire post, you may recall when I said that shit got super real and it did. Harry arrives at Sirius's home and is told of a Secret Order: The Order of the Phoenix that was founded by Dumbledore to fight Lord Voldemort and his followers. 

Harry is acquited of his charges and has returned to Hogwarts and the most hated character in the Potter Universe has arrived, Dolores Umbridge who will be the new Defense Against the Dark arts professor and by becoming so, she does not allow the students to have a hands-on approach, but forces then to just study to book, this leads Harry and others to form Dumbledore's Army. 

Umbridge was a royal bitch. She tormented the students, enforced ridiculous rules, would question teachers and try to sack them. Eventually, she found out about Dumbledore's Army, and she confronts Dumbledore, which he takes responsibility for. She attempts to arrest him, causing him to flee and the participants of the club are punished.

After a series of events, Umbridge has been eliminated (Thank God) and the gang along with the Order of the Phoenix arrive at the Ministry of Magic to locate a prophecy that Professor Trelawney had predicted. 

A truth will be told, a beloved person will die.

Want to read along?

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches
Born to those who have thrice defied him
Born as the seventh month dies
And the Dark Lord shall mark him as his equal
But he will have power the Dark Lord knows not
And either must die at the hand of the other
For neither can live while the other survives
The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord
Will be born as the seventh month dies