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A few days ago, I came across a documentary on Prime Video on a topic I was vaguely familiar with.

One Child Nation is a documentary released in January 2019 at Sundance about the One-Child Policy that was implemented by the Chinese Government in 1979 until it was abolished in 2015.

The documentary covers the reasons why the policy was implemented, the forced abortions and sterilizations, the extortion, the abandonment of infants, the adoptions, and the propaganda used by the regime to promote the policy.

This documentary truly broke my heart and almost drove me to tears to see the director of the film, Nanfu Wang, ask her grandfather is he loves her son and her brother's son equally, only to hear him say no, because as a woman she has married into another family and will not carry on his family name (which is something that I've faced). 

I have to warn you, there are some parts that may not sit very well with you. The documentary talks about babies being abandoned and also shows images of dead babies that have been found in garbage heaps in medical waste bags.

Want to watch it? Use my link below for a free Prime Video Trail. 


  1. Definitely, I'll go and watch this documentary. Very true that even now girl child is treated differently as they will not carry the forward.

  2. Really was so horrible! I remember growing up and learning about the one-child rule and I absolutely couldn't believe it was real!So glad they finally abolished it

  3. I guess I have found

    Tomorrow's bucket list item.

  4. Can’t wait to look into this!


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