It's May!

Hello everyone! 

It's May and thankfully the weather is really starting to warm up! Just remember guys, everything is NOT back to normal yet. So remember to continue washing your hands regularly with soap and avoid going outside as much as possible. There's nothing wrong with going out to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise, just keep 6ft apart from others! Let's work together to flatten this curve. 

This month I hope to write as much as I can and I'm always open to suggestions! You can use the contact form located in the sidebar on my homepage to submit them! 

I was really hoping to release my recipe for my baked cheesy potatoes this week, unfortunately, they didn't turn out very well because I used a different cheese 👎 but here's to hoping that I can get that to you soon! 

Some of the posts on the list to be released this month will be a list of anime shows, reviews on products and hopefully a makeup look! 

I'd also like the thank everyone for your support! Please don't forget to share this blog with others and if you don't want to miss a post you can subscribe via email using the box located on the sidebar on the homepage! 

I hope you have an amazing month!