Doggy Essentials!

Hello my loves! 

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I'm so happy for you to all get to see our dog Maxy. He is just over a year old and he is half Golden and half Lab Retriever and because he was living in Korea at the time we adopted him, I thought it was only fitting that he should also have a Korean name, so his middle name Min-Ki 😁. 

My boyfriend and I adopted him a few months ago from the Niagara Dog Rescue and we are so happy that we did! 

At first it was a bit difficult for us and Maxy, as we needed to get used to each other, but over time Sassy Maxy with his eye rolls and sighs was ruling the house LOL.

Before we continue with a list of our doggy essentials, there is one thing that everyone needs to remember. When you first meet your dog, he will not jump out and lick you and love you like they're Lassi. It will take some time for them to adjust to you. You just have to be very patient and also give them their space. 

We thought it would be a great idea to give you a list of our favourite Doggo items that have been stamped with Maxy's approval! Also, Amazon offers subscribe and save for a bunch of the items below. 

As you know, pet essentials can be very expensive. Buying the items on Amazon and using the subscribe and save feature has helped us save some money. 


First on our list are the poop bags and the Slip leash. We were recommended by the adoption agency to use this type of leash with Maxy as he is a bigger dog and a leash that if clipped to his collar may be uncomfortable. We bought a case of these poop bags, and they have lasted us such a long time! They also come with a little clip so you can attach it to your end of the leash so you never forget! 


We also got Maxy this FurHaven bed, it's super comfy and he loves to press his head into the pillow area when he sleeps. What I do love about this bed is that the cover is machine washable. 

So Maxy HATES baths, which surprised me because I always thought dogs liked being in the water. Giving him a bath consists of cardio and bribery. 

We have two different shampoos from Wahl that we've gotten for him. You can opt for the subscribe and save option on these products to save!


Continuing on with grooming, we have a hairbrush and nail clippers! What we love about this brush is the button you can press that extends a platform under the bristles upward and pushing the hair up so you don't need to stand over the garbage can pulling the hair out of the brush. These nail clippers are amazing and were a recommendation from a friend. They cut his nails effortlessly without hurting him. 


What Maxy loves more then head scratches is food and good God, this dog can eat. Below are some of his favourite treats, vitamins and dog food, along with the storage container that we put his treats in once we've open the box to help it remain fresh! 😀
For our energetic fluff ball, toys, toys, toys! Here are a few that he loves and plays with all the time. At first, it was difficult to leave the house because he always thought that we were going for walks. Squeaky toys like the ones below helped to distract him while we snuck out


Up until recently, we were not working from home. So we purchased this Ebitcam and set it up in the living room. There is an app that is compatible with Iphones and Androids. You can see your dog and even talk to them!


We hope these items work for you! Send us pictures of your puppies and don't forget to follow Maxy's Dogstagram account! 


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