Extra Tapioca please!

The first time I had bubble tea I fell in love. For those of you who lived around or visited Square one frequently in the early 2000s, so we're talking pre-renovations, around the area where Holt Renfrew is there was a small store in the wall called Bubble Tease. 

When they closed down years ago I was really sad because at that point in time there were not really that many bubble tea shops close to my house that I was aware of. 

Bubble Tea or "Boba Shops" as some have begun to call them have become very popular lately causing many shops to pop up all over the place and I've made it quite a mission to try as many of them as I can in my area. 

While some of you may call it "basic"-- taro happens to be one of my favourite flavours! It's a classic and it's not super sweet which is something I love. 

A few weeks ago I went to the Bubble Republic shop located on Hurontario and Eglington! It's a small bubble tea shop that was recommended to me by my friend @CheateatsTO sometime ago and it has slowly become one of my go-to spots to grab a quick drink. 

don't judge me:
Extra Boba is mandatory.