Food Review: Shoeless Joe's Deep Fried Pickles & Baja Fish Tacos

Shoeless Joe's is one of the restaurants I've discovered over the past few years. I've never eaten out often, especially during college... I used my money on cigarettes and booze and food only consisted of whatever my mom happened to leave in the fridge and subway. 

Shoeless Joe's will always stand in my memory because of one thing: I ate my first pickle. Yep... you have read right... First pickle... and it was freaking amazing! 

Since that day, I have been back a few times and I always get the deep fried pickles. They are so crunchy on the outside and it had a wonderful vinegary taste. I am impatient, I just bite right into it the moment its placed in front of me, and I always burn my tongue. 

Manish's favorite is the Baja Fish Tacos (he's got a thing for tacos). A deep fried piece of Haddock with guacamole, tortilla chips, lettuce, cheese, their special sauce and pico de gallo. When he so romantically tells me to take a bite there is an explosion of flavor going on in my mouth! The fish is always so juicy, the sharpness of the cheddar cheese, the crunchy texture of the lettuce and tortilla chips and the acidity from the pico de gallo is amazing.