Food Review: Cora's Breakfast

Cora's is a popular breakfast and lunch location in Canada, it's our equivalent of Ihop, but fancy. 

Usually Manish and I go to Denny's but we decided to head to Cora's for a little change. It was enjoyable with some flaws when it came to the service, but first let's talk about the food.

Manish went for a strawberry crepe with home fries and eggs. I went for a brie and mushroom eggs benedict with home fries. 

We enjoyed the food, but both noticed that the hollandaise sauce seemed a bit sour. The crepe was wonderfully made with the perfect amount of nutella, which got all over Manish's face. We also added a side of bacon and sausages, and that leads us to our tiny issue with the customer service. 

We found it a bit weird that we were not able to substitute our fruits for the bacon and sausages with the waitress stating that she could only substitute 'a meat for a meat'. So we just had to order them as sides. All in all it was a great experience, but I think we're going to stick to Denny's.